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Early Years Last a Lifetime!!

The first six to eight years are the most critical and fertile years for a child’s life long development. The learning and development at the early childhood stage is extremely rapid and stimulate the IQ and EQ of a child. Quality Education and Care at these early years boosts children’s cognitive learning, creative problem-solving skills, and social competence. This stage is also important as a foundation for inculcation of social and personal habits.

At our ELC, we preach and practice “Love to Learn and Learn to Love”. We believe that each child is different and has special talent hidden, which needs to be discovered, polished and set to stage with the right degree of observation and direction. Our learning practices and principles are designed and structured to enable this discovery and grooming process.

Innovative thinking Creative Learning

At Little Marvels ELC, learning with positive experiences is not a byproduct, it is a fuel that sparks enthusiasm and excitement in our environment. Our learning programs and focused care ensures children are nurtured to perform at their best and enables them to develop cognitive skills by learning through play, exploration, and social interaction.

Our practitioners entice the little minds to explore, experience and evolve with our exciting range of pre- and after-school programs. With the right mix of affection, attention and stimulation, our Child Care Club (day care) provides the perfect environment for fun and learning.