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Little Climbers – Each part of the curriculum of this pre-primary is setup carefully to facilitate early years learning, stimulate productive discussions and provide a foundation for strong interpersonal skills, problem solving, language and creative development. Above all, we take pride in offering a warm, safe and inclusive environment in which children are encouraged to explore their potential and develop skills at a pace that s rewarding and fun.

Focal Points

  • Enabling environment
  • Stimulating reading and oratory skills
  • Appreciation of environment and science
  • Cognitive development and mathematical thinking
  • Exploring values and ideas through stories, music and dramatics
  • Stimulating logic and IQ based decisions

What we do

  • Reading & Writing
  • Elocution and Dramatics
  • Introduction & Use of technology
  • Thought provoking and challenging DIY activities
  • Earth & Values
  • Aesthetics and Creative development