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We understand the dilemma of a working mom in raising her child with the same level of care, love and attention, in her absence too. Our Club House programme (Day Care) is designed with this need at the core. We value the trust you make while choosing us as your parenting partner and that’s why we are truly committed to quality care and learning of your child. At Little Marvels, we extend a family to your child and join you in nurturing his/her interests and strengths and cherishing his milestones. We assure parents a safe, loving, happy and positive learning space for their children at our ELC. An environment where values and bonds are preached as essential skills.

The Day care program has been carefully designed for children from the age of 6 Months+ such that the child is constructively engaged and involved in different activities before returning to their home. Through a caring and responsive environment, we offer learning as a continuum process through the day, engaging our marvel kids in meaningful, playful and joyful learning experiences. Our Club House is integrated with our Early Starters, Head Starters and Preschool programmes to deliver a holistic learning experience to our children, who avail the full day care.

The Club House has two groups to deal with the different ages

Caterpillars (6months to 3 years)

The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the milestones children reach in this age frame, focusing on their understanding of cause and effect relations, motor skill development, speech and vocabulary, creative interests, social play needs and their overall well-being.

Daily schedule includes the following

  • Welcome kids with a warm hug and helping them settle and soothe on arrival
  • Serving fresh and nutritious meals
  • Diaper change and toilet training
  • Nap time
  • Free play and effective play routines
  • Tummy time and Circle time sessions
  • Cause and effect games (for infants)
  • Sensory activities
  • Story sessions
  • Music and movement
  • Outdoors, in case of suitable climate

Butterflies (4 to 12 years)

The curriculum presents enrichment and learning by providing opportunities to explore and create. We create enough opportunities to stimulate learning, integrating our exotic range of Afterschool Enrichment boutique.

Daily schedule includes

  • Pick up from school
  • Arrival and settling
  • Serving fresh and nutritious meals
  • Circle time
  • Story time
  • Reading clubs
  • Fitness clubs
  • Games and outdoor play
  • Free and effective play
  • Music and movement
  • Nap time
  • Homework assistance
  • Planned enrichment