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We bring for your #littlemarvels, best of the facilities.
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At Little Marvels, we ensure a stimulating and challenging environment that fosters love for learning and innovation. Our facility is equipped with safe and child friendly resources, to maximize learning through fun and play and is offers:

Age Appropriate Learning Resources

Each classroom is designed to meet the specific development needs of the children. The choice of learning aids are relevant for the age of the children and for their emotional, intellectual, social and cultural development. The selection is done considering the comfort, interest and capacity of the age group they cater – babies, toddlers and young learners. These resources and learning aids provide opportunities for children to find, use, evaluate and present information and to develop the critical capacities to make discerning choices.

Thematic classrooms

Our preschool themed classrooms are very well equipped to make learning fun for everyone. Right from the display boards to the play time resources, all are chosen wisely and to match with the theme for the day / session, to stimulate learning and retention. The themes chosen excite the curiosity of our marvel kids and help them learn, explore and differentiate the many aspects related to the topic. A theme-based environments ignites the excitement to discover new concepts and also provide a virtual experience to the kids, helping them learn with a multi-sensory approach. From helpers to space to nutrition and the world around us, there are multiple themes that are unboxed with each term and our lovely mentors design their creative spaces to provide an intellectually enriching experience.

Books and Beyond

Stories, fiction and facts are lot of what we preach to ignite excitement and awareness in our preschool and afterschool classes. We have maintained a rich variety of books for different age groups and encourage regular reading at school and home. Toddlers and preschoolers are helped inculcate early reading habit through dedicated story sessions and issuing books to read at home. Our book exchange program is a big hit with our young learners, who are keen to access the book collection at school and share their personal collections too. Interesting board games and activity kits are available at our Day Care for kids of all age, who are engaged in constructive play and team activities during their leisure time.

Safe and Learner Friendly Environment

Our ELC is a family friendly environment because this is where we raised our own family. We are dedicated to providing the same care that we provided to our own children to all the kids we raise at Little Marvels. Safety and hygiene is our first priority while we plan any activity and all our teachers are trained to do the same when they implement our programmes. The school and classrooms, the equipment and materials used for all our programmes are child friendly.

Our air conditioners and water tanks are serviced and maintained constantly ensuring that they are clean and hygienic. Fresh and antibacterial cleansed towels are used and available in our washrooms and cleaning supplies are carefully selected to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. We have used child friendly paints which are “lead free”.

A GPS monitored transport system, first aid kit and doctor on call facility, real time CCTV access with live view and secure and guarded access to the facility are at the core of our learning space`. Our mentors ensure that learning is a continuum process and there is constant motivation and appreciation for our children.

Discovery Zone

Special zones are designed in class for play, exploration, performance and enrichment activities. Exploration and experiments are a key part of our pedagogy and we provide the right environment to exercise this. Our Marvel makers make the learning process engaging and enriching by mentoring kids to enjoy the discovery process. Relevant learning aids are put to use coupled with creativity of our mentors to provide experiential and exploratory learning instead of rote learning.

Creative Outdoor Play

Physical development is optimum with our creative play area that has a green outdoor space. Sand and water play activities are conducted under natural light and the space is creatively used to conduct play and sport activities. Concept and hurdles races are conducted in open air during appropriate weather. A performers zone is also designed for special activities and kids enjoy rides and swings in safe and fresh zones.

Nap rooms

Dedicated sleeping zones for infant, toddlers and young learners are designed for peaceful nap time and our attendant is available at all times to address to any needs. Beddings and furnished are regularly washed and sanitized. They are also child friendly which means they do no lead to distraction for the child.