Home Curriculum

At Little Marvels, our objective is to nurture creativity, autonomy and discipline in every child; to preach the importance of values – tolerance, respect, personal hygiene, cooperation, and love for books through an active, play based environment.

We strive to accomplish this objective through our curriculum, which is an unique blend of the seven principles of the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the Montessori tools of leaning and the art of play way. It allows for multiple opportunities to succeed, so that every child can enjoy the moment of accomplishment and take pride in self; encourages them to express and create, learn and discover, share and play.

Our learning programs are carefully designed for each age group and are delivered using proven tools and aids. Life Skills and Value education are an integral part of our curriculum and delivery. We have designed a high-quality program and that both support and facilitate teaching and learning in Social/Emotional Development, Creative Arts, Health, Safety and Physical Education, Language Arts/Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages.

Our preschool learning activities are fun-filled and challenging enough to keep the children interested and engaged through the whole day. Lessons are integrated, activity-based and encompass the following concepts:

Free Play

Story Time

Creative Arts

Logic and Reasoning

Food and Nutrition


Drama/Imaginative Play


We have an inter-disciplinary pedagogy which takes the well-being and involvement of children at core.
The construction of knowledge is achieved through play, participation and choice.
The form of learning is customized for different child age group and interest areas and includes role plays, free plays, group activities, thematic activities, creative arts, first hand experiences, etc.
The activities planned during the play sessions foster social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development of our children through music, drama, story, puppets, crafts and learning materials.
Our hands-on workshops on different themes help ignite their innate curiosity and passion for learning, discovery and exploration.

Learning Materials

Just as important it is to have the right curriculum, teaching strategy (pedagogy) and staff in place, it is vital to work with a high quality of learning materials and / or teaching aids. The selection of teaching and learning materials is an integral part of curriculum planning and delivery. We understand the impact of these materials on the performance of children and encourage our teachers to make best use of these aids in the learning process.

The selection of our learning materials is done considering they

  • support an inclusive curriculum
  • are relevant for the age of the children or students for whom they are selected and for their emotional, intellectual, social and cultural development.
  • provide opportunities for children and students to find, use, evaluate and present information and to develop the critical capacities to make discerning choices, so that they are prepared for exercising their freedom of choice, as informed and skilled adults.

The selection of books, charts, toys, puzzles, audio-visual tools, creative art kits are all done on the above considerations and are presented to children in a safe and enabling environment. All our toys and teaching aids meet the quality standards and are toxic free (safe for use). We make no compromise when it comes to giving the best to our children.