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Develop healthy food habits

22 November 2019

Every Mom and Dad would have pledged to introduce healthy habits of eating to his / her child, even before they are born. Its probably the ideal dream you want to live as a parent. You indeed work over it as you introduce the first meals to your child and don’t mind standing for hours preparing fruit purees, veggie soups and whole grains and fruit snacks for your little one. However, the real challenges arises when your little one gains mobility and has becomes fussy about eating greens and healthy snacks.

As a toddler, he may start giving you tough time feeding to him. So you start feeding what he rather likes (of course, to make sure he doesn’t stay hungry for long and become underweight) and give up against the demands for cookies, cakes, chocolates and all those items (probably) that stood in the NO list of yours.

This, however, doesn’t help solve the problem and develops wrong eating habits. What you could rather do is: be a role model. Kids are great imitators and you can lead them by example. So if your toddler sees you eating fish and chicken, whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables while avoiding fried and junky foods, he’s much more likely to follow your lead. Plus, you’ll have a tough time explaining why Mommy can eat cookies for dinner while the kids have to eat vegetables!

Take your child along for grocery shopping over the weekend and engage him/her in preparing meals at home; this will allow time to explain about nutrition and its importance to your child. Creative recipes are all over the internet so pick one that is easy and healthy and introduce new flavors to your child as he joins as your little chef. A healthy body has a healthy mind!