What do Daddy’s Darlings need the most?

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What do Daddy’s Darlings need the most?

22 November 2019

Dad, Papa, Pop, Pa, Dadaa,….the list goes on when you recollect the words of love your little one acknowledges you with. The eyes that hold on to your face for your love filled gestures need that undivided attention of yours (away from office calls, BBMs, cricket scores or your gym routines) to be felt special and be assured of your love for him/her. Well, the benefit of such hang out times is not just their but there is a lot you gain too by carving out regular pockets of time to spend with your child, where the bond between the two gets stronger and experiences shared meaningfully.

Daddy’s Date – Planning a lunch date or a day out with your children is one of the best things that works to express your love to them. Scheduling ‘we-time’ where you spend time exclusively, one to one, with your little one helps create beautiful memories together. It’s a tangible expression of how much worth they have in your eyes, how important they are to you, that you would leave behind other activities to just be with them.

Its not important to make it grand; rather don’t invest in buying expensive gifts, you could take them to a book shop and read out your favorite childhood classics, plan a picnic to the community park, drive down to a monument in the city, watch out a movie together or dine out at a new kids place.

Remember, each one has a “love bank”, which can be filled by you with these special interactions and memories; each time to do that, you are making a “deposit” and giving them emotional strength and security they need. You will also have the opportunity to assess their true capacities, provide challenging and stimulating interactions and discover their real interests in the due course; helping them bring out their best.