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22 November 2019

Early years are the best time to invest in the learning of your child; and that investment is your focused care and attention, selectively choosing the activities your child is engaged in. At the age of 2, your child is getting ready to explore and needs more stimulation and challenge. The attention span has increased and so sitting down for long stretches will come easily. As a parent, you need to engage in making their play times more constructive and creative. As a matter of fact, it is not about more number of toys that help; indeed, help your child focus on playing with one or a limited set of toys at a time. Help him clean up before he desires to transition to a new activity.

Promote creative and open-ended play where your child has the freedom to construct things using his own imagination. A set of lego block, molding of home made clay, sand play, painting etc. are forms of play which fosters imagination and gives the opportunity to build new skills. Playing with things that aren’t necessarily considered toys also helps to develop imagination. It is common to see kids play with utensils, keys and other stuff; as far as they are safe, you can help make play creative and fun.

Limited screen time is also very important, so make sure the activities and play is with peers or one to one and not often technology driven. Talk to your toddler as much as you can. Ask them questions about what they think you could do with certain objects. Ideas are the building blocks of creative learners so don’t discount their questions and inputs. Help them look out solutions to little problems or ways of using things while they fiddle around toys.